+ Step-by-step sales plan for ONE offer
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Happy Tues, Shannon! Jumping right in with..

"Is it normal to launch your offer for the first time... And then realize you want to change 16,458 things about it?" 

Yep. VERY normal. 

That question was asked by a Live Launch Academy Minimind client on our May group call. 

This person in particular took their expertise, wove it into an epic program, launched, and realized they wanted to split the program up into a few separate pieces. 

What happened? 

Prior to the launch - they wanted to blow it out of the water with a kitchen sink offer that would deeply support the entire customer journey. 

(Noble, but overwhelming)

Post launch - they found how hard it is for a client to fully commit to something that overwhelms them, covers too many topics/to-dos, and creates a ton of follow up (on the expert's part) to ensure the client is consuming, implementing, and getting results. 

(Three cheers for choosing to: Do less, better

Isn't it WILD how crystal-freaking-clear hindsight becomes the millisecond something doesn't go as planned, and you're like, "Oh wow I know exactly what just happened and how I should've done this." 

But prior to that? We can make a case for several different options, and struggle to clearly identify the right choice.


Let's unpack this...

In this issue: 

😶‍🌫️  Business Church: Stop Hiding, It's Hindering Your Growth

📝 Survey: What You'd Like to See More of {$100 Amazon Prize!}

💵 The Goods Exclusive: Step-by-Step Sales Plan for ONE Offer

Here we go!

😶‍🌫️  Stop Hiding, It's Hindering Your Growth

Rewind to the Upgrade Your Income Bootcamp a couple of weeks ago.

In the Bonus Masterclass I shared a BTS look at the progression of The Social Bungalow's offer suite, and THIS slide lit the chat up like a Christmas Tree 🎄👇

Afterwards I started receiving DMs like this 👇

And I realized how necessary this convo is for online entrepreneurs right now... 

I think due to so many of us being raised with, "That's just the way it is" mindsets from our parent's generation we can't help but think in a binary manner. 

i.e. "There is only ONE right + final destination that my offers will finally arrive to. If I can just get there NOW by consuming/tweaking, then I can get it right the first time and not need to question or change things!" 

Plot twist: There is no right + final destination. Your offers & marketing will continue to evolve. 

BUT! That doesn't mean they have to change purpose or name. 

They just get small, specific refinements to continue making them better now + to meet the changing market over the years.

Yes, YEARS. Your offers can be longstanding

Lean in for the nugget: Along the journey of building + scaling your business, it should be profitable. 

Notice I didn't say perfect. I said profitable

👉 So many of us are hiding while we "figure it all out". 

  • We're taking big gaps off from selling. 

  • We're on-again-off-again with our content. 

  • We're learning something new OR getting a download, and then rebuilding everything quietly. 

"Don't look over here! I'm trying to make everything perfect before I sell you anything!"

And so... The leads go cold. Our revenue struggle. We wonder what "outside force" is stifling our sales. 

Plot twist #2: It's ourselves - hiding and rebuilding. 

"It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me."

So instead: We build lean, specialty focused, excellent offers that serve your best-fit clients' growth journey, and utilize very few channels to market that message.  

From there- You'll gain insight and refine what you have (not rebuild). And the process continues. 

🥞 Short stack summary: 

  • If you've facilitated your offer/service for a client before AND they've achieved the desired result, then you are good enough RIGHT NOW to take that offer to your audience. 

  • Stop waiting for an elusive "final destination" where the entire offer suite is finally "just right", because... it doesn't exist. 

  • It's time to break out of hiding. Market and sell what you have now, and use that data to make it better. (Psst... This insight will also help reveal the other offers in your suite.) 

You are ready just as you are. Development and clarity will come when you take action. 

⭐️ Ready for a step-by-step plan to make this happen? Scroll down to The Goods Exclusive section. ⬇️

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📝 Take the Survey

Ready to Stop Hiding and Instead... 💵 Gain Clarity While Making Money + Creating Great Results for Your Clients?

(Yes, you can have it all)

Here's the step-by-step sales plan I want you to follow:

We're going to take ONE of your offers. This offer should be on the topic that is most desired by the warm sect of your audience right now. 

From here... 

  1. 🧹 Spring Clean the Offer 

    Start by asking yourself these questions: 

    ▪️ Have you taken a pass through videos, resources, client-facing processes and slightly cringed? Do you feel 'meh' about it?  

    ▪️ Is anything complicated or overwhelming?

    ▪️ Are you answering the same client questions over & over?

    ▪️ Are results dropping off at a certain point? 

    ▪️ Has technology changed? 

    ▪️ Are your clients not referring anyone? Or hyping you up?

    ▪️ Has the value been diluted by competitors selling the same thing for a fraction of the price?

    ▪️ Has your client's sophistication level increased and this offer is a bit too basic? 

    Then take a peek at the contents of the offer, leave only the Need to Have deliverables and remove some of the Nice to Have deliverables. Turn one of those Nice to Have assets into an upsell. 

  2. 👩‍✈️ Pilot Launch the Offer + Upsell

    "Pilot" is my preferred term to "beta". I find beta immediately de-pedestals the offer in the prospect's mind. I prefer to use luxury terms.

    A pilot launch is a smaller campaign to sell your offer without the big shebang of a live launch. 

    Start by identifying the numbers of units or spots you'd like to sell.

    Then, if you have an email list, give them early bird priority to join the offer before taking it to social media to fill the remaining spots. 

    With those clients/students under your belt, facilitate the offer - but be keeping an intentional + keen eye on any points of confusion or drop off. 

    *Optional: If the offer doesn't exist yet, you can use this pilot launch as an opportunity to monetize as you make it in real time for these clients. This is a great way to create the best curriculum as you're doing so for a live pool of "muses" that are co-producing the curriculum/process with you, AND to walk away with testimonials. 

    Use the insight from the pilot program to optimize the offer again, and then... 

  3. 🚀 6-10 Week Ramp Up Live Launch 

    Now it's time to do a full scale sale.

    Holding a ramp up period that releases milestones (freebies, live workshops, free lessons, etc.) use this as a time to dial in your messaging around this offer, provide value, plant capability, and open cart for your offer + upsell. 

    Welcome in an infusion of cash, clients, and confidence!

    *With any new insight from this sale, optimize the offer + messaging.

  4. 👋 Hold a Re-Offer Sale

    What do we do with all of those people who participated in your milestones (i.e. had an interest) but didn't purchase the offer (i.e. it wasn't the right time, they just found you, they needed to save up a bit more money)?

    We privately re-offer the offer/program/service + upsell to them 8-12 weeks later.

    You worked hard to curate & nurture these leads. They're not lost! They just needed a little more time. Before you focus on getting new/more traffic, focus back in on the people who've already raised their hand with interest.

    *With any new insight from this sale, optimize the offer + messaging. 

  5. 🌲 Evergreen Funnel

    Using the insight of what performed over 3 sales of this offer + upsell, package up those assets and turn them into an automated sales funnel!

    This will consist of a free opt in (be that a freebie PDF, quiz, on-demand video, etc.) that once opted in for will detonate the follow up email sequence that nurtures + sells your offer for you.

    Allowing you to point your content's CTAs to that free resource and welcoming in autopilot sales. 

Next up? Take another one of your offers and repeat this process. 

Again I say: Don't hide in the process of gaining clarity. It should be profitable along the journey!


**If you're in Business Expansion Blueprint you're invited to my upcoming masterclass 👉 6 Months to Sold Out where we're going to map out your highly profitable July-Dec 2023 utilizing my proprietary re-offer sales strategy. 

See you there next week on Tues, June 13th at 11am PT! If you're a BEB'er and need the Zoom link ➡️ Reply to this email. 

See you there!


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