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This new audio-undertaking is inspired by your feedback in the recent "What Would You Like to See From Me" survey.

We're a diverse community of varying neuro types, learner profiles, and lifestyles. I aim to always bring you the value you deserve in the container you need. Thank you for being here! 🫶 

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Okay Shannon, 

That was a strong subject line.

But I had to get you in here because this is an important convo.

I'm not going to go so far as saying "hate" because I really enjoyed the difference those deliverables made / love love LOVE my clients.

They're the coolest people I've ever met. 

Yet there was some stuff + some processes I used to provide that didn't jive with my preferred work style, yet I built my packages that way because I thought I "had to". 

I'm going to break down those deliverables/structures (and what we do instead) in hopes that this is helpful + empowering for you. 

BUT! I've got to give you some backstory on my personal 'operating system', because I don't want you taking this as gospel if you DO like structuring your packages this way. 

Different strokes for different folks. 

Shannon's life story in 60 seconds loading...

In this issue: 

⏰ Shannon's Life Story in 60 Seconds

📝 We're Hiring! Full Time Marketing Manager

✌️ The Goods Exclusive: Deliverables I Stopped Providing in My Offers

Here we go!

⏰ Shannon's Life Story in 60 Seconds

Growing up we needed to move around frequently, so I ended up going to a lot of different schools between kindergarten and 9th grade. 

Which was sometimes sad, and sometimes exciting. But I'd make new friends quickly and force them to let me be Baby Spice, so it was cool. 😂 

*Shoutout Easy Bake Oven!!

It went: 

  • (2) Different schools for kindergarten

  • (1) For 1st & 2nd grade

  • (1) For 3rd grade

  • (1) For 4th grade

  • (2) Different schools for 5th grade (moved to Vegas this year)

  • (1) For 6-9th grade (I got expelled from this school in 9th 🙃 )

  • (1) Different school the rest of 9th (I got expelled from here too 💀) 

  • Finished high school with an online home school program, but started working F/T at 15-16 years old due to the self-made school schedule I had, zoomed through the rest of school, moved out with friends at 17

Now, with all that in mind 😅

Let's fast forward to its manifestation in adulthood 👇

I like control, I like routine, I like space to do it my way 🤣 

Which is a big reason I LOVE entrepreneurship. 

Match that with being high on the "fact finder" side (vs "quick start") I'm more of a "marinater", researcher, spider-web-thinker.

(Yet I was setting myself up with deliverables that required me to instantaneously have the right answer for a client. Which we'll get to...) 

And while, I'll give myself a little credit here, I'm pretty good off the 'ol dome piece...

But when it comes to a client - where we're deeply thinking through all options to ensure we're making the most strategic move - I like some space to noodle, ya'll!

When entering the online space and seeing the standard services/deliverables offered, it's easy to just assume that's what you have to offer OR that's what clients want/expect

And that may be true to an extent, but clients don't really care if you put them on Voxer or Slack or ClickUp Chat or Text or Email... They just want to know that you're going to help them achieve the promised outcome. 

Which is why I let go of some deliverables & platforms that didn't work with my personal "operating system", and I want to give you permission to do the same if this is what would best serve you ➝ in order for you to be the best you can be for them

You know, the whole put your air mask on first thing? 

Alright, let's get into it! Scroll down to The Goods Exclusive to continue this convo.

But first, a quick commercial break to say... 👇

We're hiring!

The Social Bungalow is looking for a FULL TIME Marketing Manager to create & manage the marketing calendar for all brand activities, partnering closely with Shannon to ensure content is top notch, driving traffic to our evergreen funnels, being a key player in live launches, and overseeing the development of processes and documentation to help create “marketing manifestos” for our future campaigns.

The Marketing Manager role is for someone who is...

  • A bonafide Content Master x Data Geek: One who knows that data informs decisions and creativity makes it stand out!

  • Has a solid background in email marketing, content creation, and social media management.

  • A team player who thinks out of the box and is always willing to contribute feedback.

  • Organized and detail oriented: Quick on the computer, very proactive, SOP-driven, and able to pick up new software and skills easily.

  • An adopter of the always-be-learning attitude: We want people on the team who are looking to expand their skill set and really grow within a company!

Sound like you OR someone you know?

Take a look at the role's specifics + application👇

**Only viewable on Desktop 🖥 
Marketing Manager Job Description

✌️ Deliverables I Stopped Providing in my Offers

(And what I offer instead!)

Disclaimer: I did this to myself.

Disliking these deliverables has NOTHING to do with my incredible clients; the way I was structuring them just didn't work for my natural "operating system". 

  1. ☎️ Strategy Calls w/o Prior Deep Dive

    We'd enter the call, spend 20 minutes on "discovery", and not end up with enough time to map fully, so I'd spend another 2 hours after the call finishing their offer suite, content plan, freebie funnel map, etc. 

    Note: That's a little bit of "my own stuff" because... They just paid for a strategy session. But I struggle to sit on my hands if I know there isn't a concrete roadmap that came out of our time together (due to a bulk of the call being gobbled up by discovery). 

    I remember thinking, "Everyone must do this" and then I was holding my mastermind client's 1:1 call and she said, "Oh! Wow you're a strategist strategist. I didn't realize how hard you go." 😂 

    That was the moment I changed things - 

    We do a thorough intake process: I ask for the client to send me data + details + docs, as well as a loom overview of their goals and open musings. I then spend time prior to the call reviewing, researching, and early mapping as my brain starts firing off ideas. 

    By the time we get to the call, we're getting 60 or 90 minutes of strategy + mapping so the client is walking away with concrete next steps / clarity. 

    By including the discovery portion prior, and having my price reflect that, it diminishes scope creep and creates an all around clearer process + immediate insight for the client. 

  2. 📻 Voxer Messaging / Coaching

    What it is:

    👉 A messaging app that allows you to text AND send voice memos with a walkie talkie function so that the recipient can listen in real time while you're recording the voice note.

    Why I didn't like it:

    1) Structure of package: "One Month Voxer Access for Pop Up Qs" made for unplanned outreach from clients that I wasn't able to factor into my schedule. 

    2) The "open discussion voice memo" style made for a wider array of "musing" from the client that would get into topics unrelated to our specific work together. But I'd feel I needed to answer - thus I'd be creating all of this side strategy outside of scope. (That's totally on me for not communicating that the Q is auxiliary to the contract, and we can add on that topic if they're interested. As you grow in your business, your clarity and courage around boundaries + how to communicate them will grow as well.)

    3) The app itself isn't very organized within the 1:1 message. It doesn't provide channels or the ability to reply to a specific message and begin a "thread" (like Slack does), so everything is in one big space and hard to reference back to. 

    What I offer instead:

    🔥 ClickUp chat inside of their project space (for longer term clients)

    🔥 Questions via email and answers within 2 business days. This gives me space to noodle, research, put my notes together, and film a loom overview of my response (for 60/90 min strategy call clients who want to ask follow up Qs after our session) 

    ^^ This allows me to keep things on-topic and properly communicates the space my "operating system" needs to formulate the best response. 

  3. 🔄 Packages w/ the Same Deliverables Every Month

    1:1 Coaching Before:
    Month 1: Topic of Focus, Strategy Call, Voxer Messaging
    Month 2: Topic of Focus, Strategy Call, Voxer Messaging
    Month 3: Topic of Focus, Strategy Call, Voxer Messaging

    1:1 Coaching Now: 
    Month 1:
    ☎️ Topic: Brand Positioning = 90 Minute Deep Dive
    🧠 Shannon Co-Thinking, Mapping, & Presenting via Loom
    🗣 Client Feedback
    🎥 Shannon Presenting Take 2 Via Loom
    ☎️ 60 Minute Call to Discuss Final Positioning and How to Infuse Into Content

    ^^ And if we're working on their offer suite the next month, it's going to look different than that. 

    How does this work in group programs? 

    For example using our Business Expansion Blueprint Minimind + 1:1 Support Package (currently enrolling; we start on June 26th 😉)  

    Month 1: June -July
    ✅ Client Fills Out Thorough Intake Form
    ☎️ 30 Min Master Plan Call
    🗺 Shannon & Karlie Build Client's Master Plan
    ☎️ 60 Min Strategy Call to Optimize Client's Offer Suite 
    ☎️ Group Minimind Call 

    Month 2: July-Aug
    📱Messaging Support in Strategy Q&A Channel 
    📝 A Material Review (i.e. Feedback on the client's pricing models) 
    👋 Midpoint Check In & Master Plan Audit
    ☎️ Group Minimind Call 

    Month 3: Aug-Sept
    📱Messaging Support in Strategy Q&A Channel 
    📝 A Material Review (i.e. Feedback on the client's sales plan) 
    ☎️ Group Minimind Call 
    🤝 Offboarding + Next Steps Prep 

If you've been feeling this way about some deliverables in your packages, permission granted to find a creative way to deliver the same (nay - better!) results in a dynamic that works best for you AND them

And if you don't know what you do/don't like yet - start testing! 

You'll still deliver incredible results for your clients no matter what app or structure you do it in. If you get into the package and realize it's missing a couple of touch points, add them in as a "surprise and delight" overdeliver to your clients. They'll be thrilled to receive them. 

Until Next Tuesday, 
Shannon 🤎

CEO x 2
The Social Bungalow® + Bungalow Coffee
8k+ Course Students
$10 Million in Profit Made by Clients

Multiple beverage obsessed
Uses newsletter as diary 
Longwinded and proud

P.S. Looking to simplify, sophisticate, and supercharge your growth rate? 

There are a few ways I can help: 

  1. Book a 1:1 strategy call with Shannon to get "eureka moment" clarity about your offer suite, messaging, or sales plan.

  2. Are you a member of Business Expansion Blueprint? NOW is the best time to get 1:1 support from Shannon + Team Bungalow in the BEB Minimind. Apply here; we begin June 26th. 

  3. Get the online business building playbooks, templates, scripts, and swipes by starting with The Social Bungalow Courses.  


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